Informations all around the US-American TV-series "Sonic The Hedgehog"

Sally does appear in the TV-series "Sonic The Hedgehog", which is also better known as Sonic SatAM in the fandom.
The short form is a part of these words:

- Sat (Saturday)
- AM (at morning)

So the meaning is standing for Sonic at Saturday at morning.
Easy answer.
In the USA the TV-series was shown always at Saturday mornings, but during the week a show called "The Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog" was shown parallel.

In the series Princess Sally is fighting together with other Freedomfighters like Sonic, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine, Uncle Chuck, Dulcy, Tails and others against Dr. Robotnik, his Swatbots, his empire, and his nephew Snivley.

26 episodes were been produced altogether.
Anyway, the last episode "The Doomsday Project" series have a cliffhanger, so the story had suggested that the series was not being finished.

Sonic The Hedgehog was released as well as on VHS as on DVD.
On the one hand there are separated cassettes and DVDs, and on the other hand there are also boxes with the completely series.
Unfortunately the production of the DVD-boxes is over, therefore everyone can only buy the remainders.
Otherwise everyone can also get them in a second hand status.