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Sally breakfast board

By doing poker work you use some kind of a soldering iron instead of a pen, with that assistance in you can not only trace the contours exactly, but you can also realize some shadings.
For the colorful designing oil crayons are very good suitable, because they don't superimpose over the contours and they don't blanket the pictures on the brandings.
In any case after a lot of tests and different pictures with Sonic it was finally time for a picture with Sally.
The picture itself was made by a popular Sallyfan called "Chad The Cartoon Nut" who was active for a certain time on DeviantArt.


Final phase with colors, hearts, and a sentence

First phase

I want to say thank you very much to Tikal for the beautiful present that you made for me.
And also thank you very much to Chad The Cartoon Nut for doing such a beautiful picture.