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Sally Acorn and the Transformers - Preview

About the story I'm creating here is a brief introduction or preview like you would see in theaters before the feature presentation of SALLY ACORN AND THE TRANSFORMERS - THE SERIES...

Sally Acorn the ex-former leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and her best friend Lupe Wolf the ex-former grand chief of the Wolf Pack Nation are visited by terran humans with magical powers to transform into disguises such as cars and trucks who are waging war against an alien empire that is attempting to conquer and rule the universe and the planet Earth where the humans come from. The earthlings call themselves the Power Rangers!

Ace "Space Ace Laser Disc Video Game" - White Power Ranger & Peterbilt 379
Kimberly "Space Ace Laser Disc Video Game" - Blue Power Ranger & Pontiac Solstice Coupe
Kim Possible "Disney Channel Kim Possible Cartoon" - Red Power Ranger & Hummer H3
Cody Jones "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward Cartoon" - Green Power Ranger & Ford Corvette
TinTin "The Adventures of TinTin CGI Movie" - Yellow Power Ranger & Chevy Camaro
Captain Haddock "The Adventures of TinTin CGI Movie" - Black Power Ranger & GMC TopKick

We the Power Rangers of Earth in 2105AD of the future vow to defend and protect our home world and the universe from being taken over by our enemy the hated Zentradei Syndicate who are...

Borf "Space Ace Laser Disc Video Game" - MI-24 Hind Copter
Drakken "Disney Channel Kim Possible Cartoon" - F-22 Raptor
MegaMind "DreamWorks MegaMind Movie" - F-15 Eagle Jet
Shego "Disney Channel Kim Possible Movie" - F-16 Fighting Falcon Jet
Breetai "RoboTech Macross Saga" - AH-64 Apache Copter
Exedore "RoboTech Macross Saga" - MIG-29 Fulcrum Jet

Sally and Lupe join forces with the Power Rangers to save Mobius from being conquered and ruled by the Zentradei gang and Borf who intends on stealing the planet's energy resources to take back to Earth where he intends on forcing all earthlings to be his slaves forever.
Simultaneously Fiona Fox the former leader of the Suppression Squad and Team Destructix with her boyfriend Scourge Hedgehog of course side up with the Syndicate to assist the evil aliens all the way to victory.

Fan-Story Preview by Scott Oliverson