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This is not an official home page of Sally Acorn, but a fanpage created by me.
Sally Acorn is not a fictional character from me, but she is an official fictional character from her home SEGA.
The company SEGA became mainly popular with help from the videogames of the "Sonic The Hedgehog" series and won a lot of success, but also with the cartoons like "Sonic Sat A.M." = "Sonic Saturday AM" was showed at the blossom from SEGA itself.
In Germany the series was fused together with the other series "Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog" which had mostly nothing to do with Sonic Sat AM. (Except for one episode with Sally.)
AoStH (short form for "Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog") is a series with more nonserious and more slacky interpretation.
The series AoStH had also a drawing style mainly based on humor and goofiness, instead of a professional drawing style and a very good created story, which we got, thank God, in Sonic Saturday AM.
So in Germany it was a fusion between Sat.AM and AoStH.
"Sonic der irre Igel" (English stands for "Sonic the crazy hedgehog") was the name in Germany for the whole series.
So to say AoStH was the first season for that series, and then Sat.AM became the second season.
Instead of bringing the two different series in a separate way to us, they puttet them two as one series together for Germany.
They also fused the intro from AoStH for Sat.AM, instead of showing us the original Sat.AM opening.
The collaboration were been based by SEGA together with DiC Entertainment.

Accountable for that series were:

Written by:
- Ben Hurst
- Len Janson
- Pat Allee
- David Villaire

Directed by
- John Grusd
- Dick Sebast
- Emory Myrick

Additionally there were released a lot of comics from the publisher Archie, which exists since 1993 till today. :-)

Ken Penders is the drawer of a lot of popular characters from the Universe of Sonic The hedgehog.

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