First of all I would to thank God heartily!
Because without him there would be nothing possible!

Then I would like to thank my parents for being with me through all the years and helping me in anything.
Thanks to them I also learned HTML.

Naturally I also would like to thank all my friends, which I know a long time and we went through thick and thin, especially Benny, Sven, and Nils!

In addition my friends, which I gotten to know from the Internet, should be also mentioned!

Tobibrocki and SatAM-Junkie:
Two more Sallyfans:
With you two we can understand each other very good and you are both very talented!

Tikal and AstroTiger (from the Sega-Club):
You two had shown me, that there are still some Sonicfans out there, which are friendly, tolerant and are on one's good behavior!

Everyone else, which were been not mentioned, but belong to my friends, please forgive me, if I had forgotten you!