About Us
(Written by Knuckles)

Here begins a new start of a new community.
A historic which is based on a true story.
Those of you who maybe don't know it, these ones should know that it can be mostly a huge pain to visit different Sonicsides and Segasides as a Sallyfan.
If it's an official side or on a fanpage, it doesn't matter.
Sally Acorn is a very important leading part in the TV-series Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM and she is also even a very important leading part in the Sonic Archie Comics, too.
But unfortunately sadly there exists a lot of self declared Sonicfans who are excluding and offending her.

The only cameo appearance, which she had in an official Sega-Game, which was even released, was in Sonic Spinball, besides that she had never another appearance in another game, except for some fangames.
More informations you can find in the section Game-Appearances.
In addition she is originally an official character from Sega of America, so not from Sega of Japan.
Why people differ so much between Sega Of America and Sega Of Japan?
Ultimately the company Sega have their roots in the USA.

Why Sega of Japan is not taking Sally Acorn in any game, seems to be a huge mistery, however you can see different rumors in different ways.
Some people suggest, Mr. Naka (deviser of Sonic) and the other developers would have too much pride for foreign stuff besides their own japanese stuff and unfortunately would not put any american stuff into their games.
And some other people suggest, that Sally Acorn was originally only from Archie and from DiC.
Short question:
If this would be the fact, so why Sonic and Tails are also in TV-series and in the comics included?
Sally would be not Sega-Character? Wrong! Because Sally belong to Sega of America!

Anyway, the opinions are going extremely through different ways within the fandom, but unfortunately also within Sega itself.

With my home page "Sallyfans" I want to give Sally Acorn and all of her real true fans some kind of a virtual home as a present.
Sally Acorn also deserves love, respect and fans!
My home page is offered as well in english as in german, so for this reason fans can unite as much as possible.

Here there would be everything added to this home page about Sally Acorn.
News about Sally Acorn in general, about her appearance in the comics and of course about her appearance in the tv-series.

This is a fan home page created from a fan (nickname: "Knuckles"), who is doing everything here freely and with happiness.
We are not commercial, so there would be not any account in facebook, twitter, youtube or something like that.
Everything needful you can find on this home page.
This might be sufficient.

I started to create this home page on the 03/27/2011.
The Idea to create such a Sally Acorn fan home page exists very much linger than that date.
Furthermore there should be noticed that Tobibrocki helped me a lot with his pictures.
More exactly details about that you can find within the credits.

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